Introducing HÅG SoFi®

Stands out and Fits in.

Attract, captivate, inspire. The HÅG SoFi® is designed to be customised. Ranging in appearances from subtle, refined and coherent to expressive and daring. There is a wide variety of models, materials and colours to choose from and combine.

HÅG SoFi® has it all

Uniqueness and wide appeal, the HÅG SoFi® collection has it all. It collects and perfects all of the best design features representative of the HÅG brand. A HÅG chair will forever change your concept of sitting. At its core our unique HÅG inBalance® intuitively keeps you in balanced and continuous motion (BalancedMovementMechanism™), without you having to think about it. Experience HÅG SoFi®.

Designed by: Frost Produkt AS, Powerdesign and Scandinavian Business Seating Design team.

HÅG SlideBack™

The unique and innovative HÅG SlideBack™ multi-functional armrests display a functional slide back feature. Simply push back and park. Allowing you to move closer to your desk, and even inviting you to sit sideways.



HÅG SoFi - Formal


HÅG SoFi® is striking and timeless in a conservative cut. In this clean and coherent appearance, surfaces, colours and details connect to blend in or to make an impression. Always creating a captivating look.


This HÅG SoFi® makes a statement. A fashionable look for the colourful work environment, trendy and a bit daring.
HÅG SoFi® – a chair that surprises, using contrasting colours to accentuate details and lines. With a playful attitude it challenges and inspires.



For you who feel at home at work.
The casual HÅG SoFi® is for the informal workspaces. Using soft toned textiles with subtle contrasts. Creating an unpretentious atmosphere, an overall comforting and likeable expression.



Designers Choice